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  Event Media  

An important communication platform for consumers and exhibitors alike; an integrated print and digital event media solution helps visitors get the most out of their day and exhibitors maximise their return on investment


Printed Copies

Even in today’s world of digitally focussed communications, the immediacy and tactile nature of print still has the power to deliver real impact. Our experienced production team can advise on the right materials and processes to enhance your product

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Digital Editions

Hosted on a lightweight, digital delivery platform, our digital editions are optimised for screens, with clear messaging, calls to action and clickable links. You’ll also enjoy the flexibility of embedding and full analytics


Event Media Production Services

Project Management


Working with your event creative and brand guidelines, our designers will create an eye-catching and functional look for your project


Our design team can quickly turn your floorplan CAD drawing into a colourful and user-friendly map to help visitors navigate around your event

Exhibitor Listings

Our experienced data management team will collate all exhibitor data and prepare accurate and engaging exhibitor listing pages

Our production team will look after your project right from the first meeting, keeping you in the loop throughout the process

To discuss what we can do for your event, please contact

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