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These four very different books were produced recently by Samper Printers and are great examples of the types of work they produce.

Over a century of Michelin® objects — this perfect bound book printed on heavyweight gloss paper is enclosed inside a beautiful metal slip case. Illustrating more than 400 newly found and documented Michelin® collectors items, it’s the second in a series and the fruit of 19 years work by collector Gilles Dutto.

Artisans No.21 — Launched in January 2017 by French pastry chef Stéphane Glacier, Artisans Magazine is dedicated to the art of fine French pastry. This large format (300x240mm), thread sewn casebound book features chef profiles, techniques and recipes all illustrated with high quality food photographs. This book was produced using special ultra matt paper and finished with a matt laminated cover.

Azkuna Zentroa Alhondiga Bilbao — Azkuna Zentroa is a Society and Contemporary Culture Centre in Bilbao. This 270x220mm thread sewn casebound book was printed on uncoated paper and explores the architectural and cultural heritage of the site. The book has a contemporary look featuring bold use of typography.

Galerie La Nouvelle Athènes — this square format (210mm), perfect bound catalogue is produced for Parisian gallery La Nouvelle Athènes. This latest edition profiles 19th century drawings and watercolours. Printing on heavyweight matt paper, the production team took particular care to faithfully reproduce the colour of the original works.

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Updated: Feb 15

Recently I’ve had a few requests to produce casebound books so I thought it’d be a good idea to write a post about this particular method of binding. Often referred to as ‘hard cover’ or ‘hard backed’ book, this is definitely the most long lasting of the binding methods. It is also often the most expensive to produce but that shouldn’t rule it out as an option as it never fails to lend a feeling of quality and permanence to any book project. The ‘endpapers’ that are bound at the beginning and end of the book provide a sometimes overlooked creative opportunity; a paper weight and finish different to the main text section can be chosen and special artwork or print finishes used to really grab the attention of the reader. If you’ve ever wondered how casebound books are engineered, I can walk you through it. Contact me for further information and to discuss your next book project.

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Updated: Mar 15

If you have large amounts of data, for example; products, indexes or other listings and wish to publish it in an efficient and attractive way, you may find that the quantity of data makes it impractical for the work to be done by hand. Thankfully, there is a smarter way; I can swiftly turn your data into a finished publication using a software workflow I’ve perfected over many years of commercial use. Using design templates and import scripts tailored specifically to your project, I can automatically build your entire publication page by page, straight from your data. The technology is flexible and scalable with text styled effortlessly on the fly and photos, logos and other graphics imported at their desired location. The finished publication can easily be hosted online to drive traffic to your website or printed to go into mailing or distributed elsewhere. Contact me for further information and to discuss your requirements.

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