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Service in focus: Floorplans

A key document used in the planning and building of large-scale consumer and trade events, floorplans are a vital tool used by event organisers. They are highly technical documents often generated from CAD or event planning systems and carry stand dimensions, structural and services information. Consequently they are not that useful to the visitor who just wants to find their way around the event and quickly locate the exhibitors they are interested in.

Our production and design teams have many years of practical experience in interpreting technical event floorplans and turning them into a user-friendly format with clear, concise navigation. The end result can be printed for on event distribution and digitised then hosted online to drive interest in the event and help visitors plan their day. Digital floorplans can also benefit from enhancements such as links, media and analytics.

Email Charlie to discuss what we can do for your next event:

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